Operating speed:0.01mm~1m/s
Operating frequency:Mechanical: 240 operations/minute
                    Electrical: 20 operations/minute
Contact resistance:15mΩ max.(Initial value)
Insulation resistance:100mΩ min.(at DC500V)
Conventional thermal current:15A
Electrical specification:AC380V, 220V/1.5A  DC220V/0.3A
Dielectric strength:1890V, 50/60Hz 1min between terminals of the same polarity
             2500V, 50/60Hz 1min between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal parts
             2500V, 50/60Hz 1min between current-carrying metal parts and ground
Vibration resistance:Malfunction: 10Hz~55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude
Shock resistance:Destruction: 1000m/S²     Malfunction: 300m/S²
Ambient temperature:Ambient operation temperature: -10℃~+80℃ with no icing
Ambient humidity:Ambient operation humidity: 90% max.
Life expectancy :Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations min.
                 Electrical: 200 000 operations min.