Model HHD11-A HHD11-B HHD11-C HHD11-D
Supply Power 3-phase 380V 50Hz, operating voltage range is 85%~110% Ue.
Protection function Phase failure / YES YES YES
 Phase sequence YES YES YES YES
 Unbalance of 3-phase voltage / 50~75V of any 2-phase 50~75V of any 2-phase 50~75V of any 2-phase
 Over voltage Voltage / / 445~465V 400~460V(Adjustable)
  Time delay   3~5s 1~10s(Adjustable)
 Under voltage Voltage / / 290~310V 300~360V(Adjustable)
  Time delay   3~5s 1~10s(Adjustable)
Option time Phase failure 3s~5s
 Phase sequence ≤0.2s
Rated load of the contact 3A AC220V (Resistive load)
Electrical life 100,000 times
Installation Surface mounting or 35mm DIN rail