CHB38 Rotary encoderPDF Download

Output:E: Voltage output、N: NPN open-collector output、P: PNP open-collector output、F: Complementary output、L: Drive output
Power voltage:DC5V±0.2/DC5V~24V
Current consumption:≤60mA
Response frequency(KHz):0~100
Allowable Max. rev(rpm):5000
Starting torque(25℃ N.m):1.5×10-3
Allowable angular acceleration(rad/s2):10000
Moment of inertia(kgm2):4×8-8
Operating temperature:-30℃~+85℃
Storage temperature:-35℃~+95℃
Shock resistance:980(3 times and 6ms each in X, Y and Z directions)
Vibration resistance:50(10~200Hz, 2 hours each in X, Y and Z directions)
Degree of protection:IP54