• LAD16 LED indicator lamp

    LAD16 LED indicator lamp

    Power frequency withstand voltage:2.5KV(AC virtual value), 1min
    Insulation resistance: ≥2mΩ
    Allowed voltage fluctuation: ±20%(AC indicator lamp)
    Continuous working life: ≥30000 hours
    Luminance: ≥100cd/m2
    Comparative Tracking Index: CTI≥100
    Degree of protection: IP65 or IP67
    Rated frequency: 50~60Hz
    Ambient temperature: -20℃~+55℃
    Ambient humidity: ≤98%RH
    Class of pollution: Class 3
    Class of installation: Class Ⅲ
  • LAD series Warning Light

    LAD series Warning Light

    Flash frequency:140-60 times/min.
    Material:Lamp shade: PC   Base: ABS   Support tube: AL
    Ambient Temperature:-20℃~70℃
    Ambient Humidity:≤90%RH
    Wind pressure resistant strength:150Km/h
    Power frequency withstand voltage:AC2500V
    Rated insulation voltage:AC690V
    Max.voltage fluctuation :±10%Ue
    Rated frequency:40Hz~60Hz
    Degree of protection:IP54
    Buzzer:Sound level:85dB Min.
  • LFS Foot Switch

    LFS Foot Switch

    Contact resistance:50mΩ Max.
    Insulation resistance:100mΩ Min., 500VDC test
    Dielectric strength:2000VAC, 1 min.
    Mechanical life:10×105
    Electrical life:10×104
    Ambient temperature:-25℃~+55℃ with no icing
    Relative humidity:45%~85%RH
  • LX-KLT2 Two-way pull-cord switch

    LX-KLT2 Two-way pull-cord switch

    Contact form:1NO+1NC or  2NO+2NC
    Contact capacity:5A  380VAC
    Reset mode:Automatic rest or Manual rest
    Motion angle:30°
    Limit angle:60°
    Operating force:10kgf
    Mechanical life:≥10×105     (Frequency: 106 times/min)
    Ambient temperature:-30℃~+75℃
    Relative humidity:≤85%
    Weight:Appr. 2.5kg
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